Building a (Medieval) LEGO Community

Since joining RochLUG about 5 years ago, I have been inspired by the many talented builders in the group, and have expanded on my building interests and focus. One of my favorite aspects of being in a LUG is the opportunity to display our creations to the public via our partnerships with the museums and community groups around Rochester. Being in a group also allows us to collaborate our efforts into large-scale builds that are both impressive in size, and amazing to create!

My greatest focus since joining the group has been a modular template focused around the Castle theme, and has become one of the highlights of most of our displays. My goal in creating this template was to get as many members as possible involved in building towards a common display piece: A massive Medieval Village! We have done so in such a way I hadn’t imagined when I started, and it only continues to grow!

The template is simple, and allows any LUG member to contribute to our displays with very little time or piece commitments. Hidden among many of the modules are “Easter eggs”, or silly things that are out of place for the time period. We’ve even created scavenger hunts for visitors to hunt through the village, which really helps bring attention to the level of detail many of the builders have put into their modules. Each time we set up, the hunt changes and we add new things, but some items include Baby dragons (from the Elves line), Iron Man (he loves watching the Joust!), Goats (they’re so cute!), and other characters like Buzz Lightyear and Genie, that add a fun level of interest, especially for the younger children!

As we continue to grow our own community, we invite all new members to participate in all of our group projects, such as GBC (Great Ball Contraption), our City Modular Setup, and of course… this Medieval Village. Our displays usually include at least one of our group projects, and often focus around other themes such as Star Wars, Trains, Holidays, or Super Heroes, which help to get everyone involved in themes that matter to them!

We encourage and invite all lovers of LEGO, LUG members, and community groups to work towards group projects that bring a sense of togetherness to members… and yield some pretty impressive builds! Below you will find a link to the template our group is currently using for the Medieval Village. Please feel free to use it and share it!

Happy Building!

Jeff Johnson
RocLUG Ambassador


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